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How to get more likes?

Likes -This will help you boost your Likes on Blogs, Facebook Page, Instagram etc. The Blog's purpose is to give ideas for getting traffic and of course, enormous likes to its readers through tips and certain links which are for Groups. 

Table of Contents:
  1. Tips
  2. Links to Helpful Groups
  3. Suggestions from Quora or People

Let's get started ...

So, You are new to blogging or if you are a blogger who has been writing Blogs for Months or Years but hasn't been able to acquire much traffic to your site. Let me tell you one thing, after reading this blog you will be getting more likes than usual. This Blog will help you get Likes faster which in turn will bring in more traffic.  

I will be explaining this in a simple and easy way in which one can boost their likes and get traffic in a matter of a week's time. This again will depend on your efforts and the method you choose. I will be as precise and make this blog as interesting as possible with of course pictures or any relevant material which I think is suitable for this topic.

As you know on an average, the majority of the blogs are just read in a glance and long lengthy paragraphs aren't everyone's cup of tea, So that's the reason why one should use pictures to describe their blog. 

Here are some major points that will be contributing factors to your likes and traffic which you'll earn:

1) Tips

Website- A good website is one which is easy to read, has plenty of content and has been formatted properly without any mismatch of texts, areas or content and one which is free from errors. Errors can be either Spelling mistakes, Grammatical mistakes etc.

If you want more people to like your Blog, make sure it's neat and with plenty of content to keep your audience engaged. It shouldn't be boring long text and neither should it be filled with pictures only with little to no texts. There should be a balance of both the text, pictures or any other content which you think is relevant to your blog.

I will use my own blog as a reference to make my point clearer. I'm not claiming this to be the best blog which is formatted properly, but just decent enough to grab the attention of your audience.

My Blog Preview : 

Sachin's Blog

As you can see there is a blend of text and images,  also the graphical layout such as the Facebook plugin and the Social media buttons are contributing here visually and functionally.

Facebook ADS
This tool is one serious Like Booster, this again depends on your content, the audience you select and the quality of your post. This can get you 1000s of likes in a single day if the content is that good. But one must know how to use it, and yes this is a tool that requires your Debit/Credit card for it to do the job.

I will show one of my post which got 2.1K likes in a single day. Obviously, it was the subject that got me enormous likes and the graphics to be honest but this will work well for other things too.

facebook ads

Boosted Blog through Facebook Ads

Joining Facebook Groups & Sharing your Blogs or FB pages- This is a must to get Likes globally. The Most power social site is Facebook & Twitter, Instagram etc comes next. In order to get more likes, you should request to Join a group which has a large number of members, the higher the number of members the more active and responsive is the group. That doesn't mean that group with fewer members is inactive or non-responsive. 

Ok, so once you get approved for joining a group start Posting, and please note posting the same blog again and again will be considered spamming. You must stick to the only post you created for your Blog or Facebook Page.

Hint: The Key to the success of getting responsive likes and shares is to like and comment on other's blog or FB page too. That way the members will know that you and your post is active and most likely respond to it. This term is referred to as "Like4Like", "Like exchange" etc. 

Google's Console-  Google web Optimizers has various tools such as Google Indexing, Google Domain etc. I won't be covering all the aspects of it, the only main aspect which is very important and that is 'Google Indexing'.

Google Indexing - So you want others to find your site on google. What google indexing does is it crawls to your site and fetches, renders as much as information possible to make it visible in the search engine. 

I'll give you my example. My website is appearing on Google's first page when some1 types "Denon X2300W sound test". The reason being I let google bot fetch and render almost everything it could get on my site, therefore, it displays my website and not to forget the youtube video too.

Appears on first page of google
Google Indexed

If you want your website to appear on the first page or Closer you need to index it. First and foremost before indexing one should see if the Blog title is simple and subheadings are placed correctly. Avoid using  Hyphen sign -, because Google wouldn't index it properly otherwise.

Blog Life (Really good for Blogs, I recommend this for Blogs)

My own Like 4 Like Group: Like 4 Like Group

There are much more which I'll update later. Until then join one of them and get likes. I request you kindly do not spam the group once you get approved or they may either Block you from posting or remove you completely.

3) Suggestions From Quora or People

Well, to be honest, this can in a way get you more likes as people often check quora if they have to ask questions regarding the certain topic. But the main motive behind this is to get an expert opinion on this networking site.

I recommend creating a question similar to mine and selecting a group of people to answer it for you. Do not be disheartened if they include something negative in their answer.

Here is my question : 

Please feel free to comment below by clicking the comments. If you like you can also share it anywhere you want.

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